Thursday, February 12, 2015

The horror of scientific fundamentalism

The most common type of fundamentalist I encounter in this world is the scientific fundamentalist.  They are distinguished by their belief that science is the only tool that can be trusted to discover truths about ourselves and the world we live in.  Every other type of evidence is seen as not only subject to error, but completely unreliable, and irrelevant in one's quest for truth.

It must be said that I have little in common with these people and I find it difficult to have an educated conversation with them.  I believe, in fact, that they are best avoided at all costs, as one would avoid the company of religious fundamentalists and fundamentalist Marxists, for example.  For they are incapable of thinking outside their preconceived notions of reality, which is generally  a kind of outdated 19th century materialistic view of the universe, commonly held among scientists before quantum theory destroyed it in the early 20th century!  They are incapable of thinking outside the materialist thought bubble and so cannot be engaged about many topics of interest that lie outside this domain.
Sharka Todd

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