Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Matthew Ward on the danger of vaccines (2006)

SUZY: I don’t mean to belabor bird flu, but one writer is concerned that the outbreak of mumps in the US is manmade so bird flu virus can be put in the vaccines to inoculate against mumps. Another asked if there will be a mandatory requirement for meningitis vaccinations, and a father of a newborn wants to know if religious beliefs will be sufficient reason to keep his baby from having to get the usual vaccinations.

MATTHEW: Well, the lack of trust in the motives of ones in authority is well deserved, but I’ll repeat what I have said in previous messages: There will be NO bird flu epidemic, let alone pandemic.  But until all inoculations are halted, which will happen when there is sufficient public knowledge about the harmful ingredients in all vaccines, for the sake of your health, refuse them.  Information is coming to light that some vaccines cause a condition that is similar to, and is being diagnosed as autism, and this is fueling the demands to stop mandatory inoculations.  Take heart in knowing that this is another area where your space family has been at work to reduce the harmful effects to the extent possible.

All diseases that ever have befallen residents of Earth were created by the darkness, which feeds on fear and creates situations that generate fear, and assuredly the portent of illness and death of epidemic or pandemic proportion does that.  Later, greed also entered the picture with required vaccinations and prescription drugs establishing an inexhaustible market for the pharmaceutical companies.

To the father who wrote—to all parents!—I would say, do not permit vaccinations to be given to your children.  Some medical personnel are agreeing that any potential good is outweighed by the potential adverse effects, and others still turn a deaf ear, so question your medical practitioner in this regard. If you must give a reason for your choice to forego vaccinations when they are recommended or required, I advise bolstering religious beliefs with clinical reports available on the Internet that address the dangers of vaccines and also the explosion of autism diagnoses.

Source: Message from Matthew, April 28, 2006.

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