Friday, April 24, 2015

Current “best practice” in the logging industry

Clearcut logging in Stoodley Forest Tasmania
Stoodley Forest Tasmania. Photo by Sharka Todd

1.    Clear cut large areas of forest, shocking and disfiguring the environment and removing the home for a large number of plants and animals.
2.    Use heavy machinery to push remaining vegetation into piles, compacting and ruining the structure of the soil.
3.    Burn these massive piles, sending smoke and CO2 into the air for miles and polluting the lungs of all around.
4.   Replanting the area, adding artificial fertilizers that pollute water courses to make up for the nutrients removed by logging and burning.
5.   Planting poison baits in the area to kill native wildlife to prevent them from grazing in the area.

Sharka Todd

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