Thursday, April 2, 2015

Observation without thought and analysis

Some people believe the key to understanding life is in gaining a theoretical perspective of it, like a scientist or philosopher does, whilst others believe understanding lies in paying attention to the present moment without thought, as the unmoved observer.

There are those who say that once a label is attached to something the label is false because it is a label and not the thing itself.  In other words, the description of something is not the thing itself.  This seems obvious but is ignored by the scientist who deals in abstract concepts and acts as if they are the real thing, themselves.  In this way, the whole universe has been reduced to an intellectual abstraction in the mind of the scientist. 

In contrast, the serious meditative observer realises that the thing they observe is truly unknowable, but that it can be seen and felt in the present moment through the mechanism of one's consciousness, and not in any abstract thought about the past!


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