Thursday, July 16, 2015

Should God "fix everything"?

Some people want God to come in and “fix everything” but how can He do that without interfering with our individual free will choices- the very thing He created us to have?  For the way things are is a reflection of the free will choices of everyone involved and to come in and change things would mean overriding this free will.

If the way we learn is through experiencing the effects of our free will choices, and if the purpose of life is for us to learn to use our creative energies wisely, then what would be the point of a creator coming in and overriding these choices to meet some kind of abstract standard?   It would make no sense and what possibly could be gained from it?  People wouldn't learn and would still go on making the same mistakes and wouldn't become worthy caretakers of this beautiful planet or of any other realm we may one day inhabit.

Respecting human free will means that humans will create both positive and negative conditions on earth as a result of making wise and unwise choices.  This means people, animals and the earth will benefit from mankind's wise, life giving choices and suffer from man's destructive choices.  This is the only way it can be when beings are created with free will which is then honored.  To do otherwise would mean interfering with our growth process.

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Sharka Todd

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