Saturday, July 4, 2015

Judgement, love and God (Part 2)

Image: Sharka Todd

Judgement and love cannot coexist, therefore if God is love (as many believe) then there is no judgement in Him.  Therefore, if this is true, stories of punishment and eternal suffering caused by a judging God are pure fabrication.  Indeed, those who have actually experienced the Light- which they equate to God- claim that it consists of pure, unconditional love and that, in fact, it is only ourselves that judge.  To a thinking and feeling human this makes sense.  The idea that a being responsible for this magnificent creation would be a miserable, judging monster as some believe, makes no sense except in the minds of those equally miserable.

It can be understood why the belief in a judging God became popular among certain religions when we see how this gave elites within the religious structure power over their fellow man.  Without putting the fear of punishment into people they could not be controlled, and so such fear was of eternal punishment and of angering God was created to achieve this end.  But thankfully such fears appear unfounded, for the Lord is far more generous and magnanimous than what many humans give Him credit for!

Sharka Todd

Note: the prefix Him for God is used purely for simplicity.  God, being a non-physical being, is presumably beyond gender!

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