Wednesday, March 4, 2015

The pending Indonesian executions

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1. Those of us who are truly against the death penalty don't like to see anyone executed whether they are a murderer or not.  I think it's best to give people a chance to achieve redemption before they die of natural causes.  Anyway, death may not actually be a punishment, for the afterlife may be far preferable to this life. 

Psychologically speaking, the death penalty just exists so the population doesn't have to deal with their own inner darkness.  Rather, they project it onto others and then "do away with them".  The existence of the death penalty is actually a sign of how immature a society is and how unable the people are of dealing with their own shadow self rationally.  "Evil" is a shared mental state and cannot be eradicated by destroying bodies- quite the contrary, as this only enhances evil as we see with the current situation in Indonesia surrounding the executions.  This has created a very dark atmosphere that is completely unnecessary, begun and fanned by the evil forces that control Widodo (and others) as their willing puppet, feeding on the negativity generated by his actions or lack of them.

Only the Indonesian people can lift this evil from their land by promoting wise, selfless and caring people into positions of power and abolishing the destructive death penalty which solves nothing but creates many problems of its own!

The hanging of Eichmann was wrong as are all murders of unarmed prisoners.  We are in no position to be anyone's judge and executioner, after all: justice is the Lords and he will repay.  Until then we will keep the truly dangerous ones imprisoned and the rest shall go free! 

As for "drug smugglers ruining lives"- we ruin our own lives by our own free will choices.  It is poor form to blame another for what we choose to do to ourselves!  No one forces an addict to stick a needle in their arm.  They do it because they want to.  And if they risk addiction it is because their quality of life is so poor that ruining it seems worthwhile for a brief high.  For that, blame an inadequate society, if you must!

Sharka Todd

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