Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Skeptics: gatekeepers for materialism

Ahriman, lord of materialism (sculpture by Rudolf Steiner)

Self-proclaimed skeptics are gatekeepers for materialism, the view that physical matter is the only substance in existence and that humans and other living beings are solely made of such matter. Their job is to go out and try to destroy or discredit any viewpoint or practice that challenges this materialist mindset.  They are anti-God’s henchmen, so to speak.  If materialism was Nazism, then "skeptics" would be its' SS.

Skeptics don’t truly care about truth but rather about maintaining the materialist status quo which currently holds sway in much of the world and is favored by those who seek to destroy notions of the spiritual worth of all things.  After all, it’s easier to justify exploiting the Earth and its people when they are just seen as soulless pieces of matter.

A more holistic spiritual view, as held by the native people of the world, who are not removed from the natural world like western man, would make this exploitation seem so ugly and destructive that it would be hard to justify and carry on.  As a result “spirit” is discredited by the very forces that would lose from its general acceptance and so-called skeptics are their attack dogs, the views of which they widely promote.

Broadly speaking, it’s an attempt to destroy the spiritual perspective in human life and they’re doing their best to achieve it!

Originally published as a comment here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_P7G4kcWQBM

Sharka Todd

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