Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Message to 911 truthers

There are those who attempt to shed light on an issue- and there are those who only wish to disrupt communications.  The disruptors should be treated as trolls and ignored.  When this is done en mass the disruptors will be made ineffective- and clarity will emerge.

Having observed the battles during the mid-2000's between those interested in 911 truth and those who actively oppose it- it is my suggestion to those of good will who support 911 truth that they completely disengage from discussing the topic with opposing (anti-truth) forces. It is energy wasted that could be used constructively.

Anti-truth activists should be treated as trolls, as they mostly are, and ignored, for they are not interested in truth, only in wasting the precious resources of those of good will who seek it and attempting to upset them.

Instead, discuss the topic with those who are interested and have an open-mind and leave the "anti-truthers" to stew in the juices of their own self-loathing.  "Anti-truthers" are unworthy of one's attention and waste precious resources and focus!

Sharka Todd

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