Friday, March 13, 2015

Darkness and the capture of souls- MATTHEW WARD

by Matthew Ward

While the intelligence of the advanced dark souls is beyond your ability to comprehend, it is severely compromised by their denial of the Christed Light, that most powerful force in the universe that is Love. Since the darkness refuses the light and thus functions without that highest love energy, it can’t be victorious in its conquests unless it can create enough fear to block the light from entering souls.

When the peak of the dark forces was reigning in its broadest space, the battles for supreme domination of the universe were unimaginable horror. It was with Creator’s exception to Its law of free will—that the free will of the peak of darkness no longer could amass for its own use the free will of all souls with dark proclivity, and the ensuing release of countless souls’ free will from that peak captivity—that this widest control by the darkness was profoundly turned around. In your linear time, this was in 1995, as is explained in detail in Revelations for a New Era.

Creator’s decree enraged the dark forces and intensified its stubborn determination to resist the ever-increasing light being generated by individuals’ free will choices. This light has diminished the former stronghold of dark control by exposing millennia of deception that in this moment is being literally “brought to light” with increasing momentum as more and more souls awaken to the truth that so long was hidden from their memory by intent of the darkness.

from Message from Matthew, February 8, 2004.

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