Sunday, March 8, 2015

Symbolism and the inner teachings of religion

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Symbols are used in all teachings.  Jesus used parables for the less sophisticated and had other teachings for those with deeper knowledge.  For example: when he spoke about the man who built his house on sand, rock etc. he wasn't taking about house building- he was talking about the importance of basing one's life on constructive and solid truths.

Many people talk about the inner and outer teachings of various religions.  For the deeper student it is the inner teachings we concern ourselves with.  We go beyond the symbolism into the heart of the matter, for it is the transformation of self from selfish animal man into altruistic spiritual man that is the turning of the base metal into gold.

Personally, I don't accept that all writings in the Bible, for example, are spiritually inspired, but that doesn't mean I believe everything in the Bible is therefore worthless.  If one has a good heart and good intent then we can find the teachings that come from a similar source of good will and these are what are important to hold, not the dark teachings of ignorance that lie hidden amongst them!  For those who seek flaws will find them, in all areas of life.  It is up to us to collect the diamonds of truth wherever they may lie and leave the dross of falsehood behind!

Sharka Todd

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