Saturday, October 25, 2014

Is math the secret to understanding?

Does math really give us an understanding of anything, truly?  A tree, a plant, a person, a planet?  Do we truly KNOW these things by attempting to define them by numbers?  And yet our society revers the physicists and the mathematicians who attempt to understand the universe and life purely by mathematical methods.  It makes no sense!

To know something we must become one with it.  This is only achieved by placing our consciousness upon the thing, stopping the thinking process, opening the heart and entering the thing we are observing with our feelings.  To this end many people take powerful psychedelics or meditate to help the process.  This is how we understand life, not by thinking about it or assigning numbers to it.  Any mental activity creates a barrier between us and the thing being contemplated.  Only a silent but aware mind can truly take in its surroundings in a meaningful way.

Sharka Todd

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