Sunday, October 19, 2014

The importance of a simple faith

There's no need to put a label on the goodness that underlies life, but it's important to recognize it!

It's important to believe that we live in a loving, supportive universe.  This give us the surety that helps us to live expansively and reach our maximum potential.  Religions attempt to turn this natural belief in the goodness of All into something more specific- a belief in a story about a creator and "his" preferences and other stories they consider important to their world view.

I actually don't think there is any need to turn one's belief in the basic positivity of life into anything more specific, like stories about God, the son of man, prophets, virgin births etc.  After all, the birds and other creatures don't seem to need these stories to live a joy-filled, positive existence and I would suggest, neither do we!

The non-believers amongst us would argue that there is no evidence that the universe is loving and supportive.  If you have not had this experience of a supportive universe then I truly feel sorry for you!  It takes the whole being to feel this loving, gracious, supportiveness, not the intellect working alone.  Those who depend only on the intellect for their understanding of life will feel as if they are cast adrift from the heart of the loving mother, the soul of Creation.  The only way to heal this divide is to move one's attention away from one's thoughts to the natural world around us.  This will provide a taste of the glory we have been born into!  If that doesn't work, then read your doom and gloom philosophies, in spite of the evidence of your senses!  After all, we are given the freedom to live and believe as we wish, even if these beliefs are in direct opposition to the underlying reality of things!

Sharka Todd

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