Thursday, October 16, 2014

Is the "skeptical" movement owned?

Why do "skeptics" all think the same?

I have often wondered why the vast majority of self-proclaimed skeptics, skeptical movements and skeptical magazines all push the same agenda.  That agenda is a pro-materialist, pro-establishment one which seeks to marginalize, ridicule, and destroy belief in those things which threaten conservative, materialist views.  "Skepticism" and "skeptics" have become the attack dogs of the materialist establishment.

This connection between the establishment and the "skeptical" movement make me wonder what drives it.  Do the elites who benefit from the current set-up fund skeptical campaigns in some way?  Or is it that those attracted to skepticism are those who need to feel a sense of belonging to a dominant paradigm?  This would suggest they are the kind of people who jumped on board the Catholic Inquisition in the Middle Ages.  They would deny this vehemently because their God is science and not Yahweh, but the fact still remains, modern day "skeptics" like group-think and the sense of belonging.  Why else would they all hold the same opinions about a variety of contentious social and scientific matters?

A true skeptic is not aligned with any particular world view and is certainly not particularly likely to side with the establishment on any particular issue.  Quite the opposite, in fact.  A skeptic would be more likely to have an idiosyncratic view which reflects their unique perspective on the world and their desire to question all accepted "knowns" and "unknowns"!

Sharka Todd

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