Sunday, October 26, 2014

Does measuring something mean we understand it?

I don’t accept that by measuring something we understand it.  Even if we know something’s component chemical parts I still say we don’t understand the thing itself.  This is a false belief promoted by science.  I think quite the opposite is true.  That by measuring things we only create the illusion of understanding and that such “analysis” is actually a barrier to communion, which is where true understanding lies!

And when we commune with something living we notice something- that the physical form we see is purely the expression of mind that lies "behind" it.  For communion is of mind with mind.  It is our scientists obsession with matter- measuring it, analyzing its component parts- that makes many people think matter is prime.  But the true mover is mind, and just because mind is intangible and cannot be measured it is assumed out of the equation by many "scientifically"-minded people.  Very sad because there is no future in matter, only mind.  Matter lives and dies but mind is eternal.  That is where true hope lies.  It is also where true wisdom lies and the truth of the saying of the spiritual masters that All is One.  For we are each expressions of this one mind that is experiencing itself in many different forms and it's crazy for us to get too attached to the form we inhabit for it is only temporary.  It's just a house for the soul to inhabit for a short period to learn and experience what it must before it moves on to bigger and better things!

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Sharka Todd

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