Monday, October 13, 2014

God, consciousness, and the "supernatural"

Nothing is supernatural, only poorly understood

Some people believe in an external God that can impact on creation in a way that could be described as “supernatural”.  I find such a belief unappealing.  We are each beings that can impact on creation in a way that can be described as “natural” and subject to natural laws.  Certain alleged qualities of consciousness, such as telepathy and precognition, do not need to be seen as supernatural, just beyond our current ability to understand.

I like to think that everything is “natural” and works within natural laws, some of which may not be fully understood.  Even the alleged “spirit world” is said to be a domain, much like the one we currently inhabit, and although outside our ordinary ability to perceive, it is still reported to be operating according to consistent laws.  The ability to communicate with beings in this realm is alleged to come through the faculty of a consciousness attuned to such things, such as a radio may be tuned to a given earth-based station.  I am not here to debate the existence of such things- that is for each individual to decide based upon personal experience and the weighing up of the (mostly anecdotal) evidence.

My own belief is that consciousness is more powerful than the materialist paradigm would suggest, and that is it capable of communicating, generally unconsciously (but accessibly), with other consciousnesses, even when these consciousnesses are many miles away or not focused through a physical body.  This belief is based on personal experience and the numerous trustworthy accounts of others who have had experiences that go beyond conventional materialist ideas of reality.  Once again, I have no interest in trying to defend these beliefs or convince others.  What others believe is up to them and if they wish to believe that consciousness is limited to the brain then that is their choice.  I have had experiences that make such beliefs untenable.  When one has an experience that is beyond what many deem "natural" it means we must broaden our definition of natural, rather than place it in the unknowable domain of the "supernatural"!

Sharka Todd

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