Monday, October 27, 2014

Vaccinations and health considerations

I think vaccinations may have specific value for those with strong faith in them but I am no fan of accepting them unreservedly.  I actually believe in an old-fashioned notion called "spirit" which I think determines to a large extent whether we get sick or not.  Specifically, I believe that a happy outlook helps achieve a healthy body state.

When we are filled with pessimism or dread I think our health suffers and, accordingly, we are made vulnerable to disease.  To me, a key factor is what some may call hope. When this is gone people start to fade and offer diminished resistance to any difficulty, including disease.

If we see life as an opportunity and we enjoy what we do, then the health outcome is generally very good.  There may seem to be exceptions to this rule but I must say, I cannot see into other people's souls and private thoughts, and so I cannot know why a seemingly happy person develops a deadly illness.  But I do believe there is generally a reason for it, on a psychological level.

We need to exercise our demons and move into the fertile arena of a positive relationship with life.  This makes us a creative and functioning members of society that contrives positively to the whole and is likely to maintain good lifelong health.

Sharka Todd

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