Monday, October 27, 2014

Pro-vaccination v anti-vaccination: Is there any middle ground?

To quote Obi-Wan Kenobi: "people must do what they feel is right" and as long as governments and others don’t force people’s behavior, then they will!

With vaccines, however, the problem is that because diseases are spreading conditions some people will want others to be forced to undergo procedures they believe will stop the spread of disease that may eventually reach them and their family.

This is the dilemma we face.  Once again it’s a classic case of individual freedom versus a perceived public good, seen as requiring government intervention, and sometimes, the use of force.

But until force is used, may I suggest we respect each others decision (to vaccinate or not), for, after all, even if we think those who disagree with us are poorly informed they are only doing what they believe is right!  And we can ask for no more!

Sadly, the level of fear mongering and paranoia has reached the point where parents have become frightened about the dangers of having their vaccinated children mix with unvaccinated children.  This could lead to an unhealthy schism in society, leading to mistrust and discrimination all because people have lost faith in the ability of the natural human to ward off disease.

Dealing with the cause of disease rather than symptoms:

People have bought the myth of the "innocent victim to disease" promoted by western medicine, forgetting (I believe) that it is we who are in control of our body and what it manifests, not some outside agency!  

For more information on this topic I recommend the work of AJ Miller who discusses how the soul creates illness in the body and what we can do about it (see video below).

Sharka Todd

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