Saturday, October 4, 2014

Fanatics vs allowers

Her (film)

Fanatics come in all shapes and sizes.  Their main goal is to make over the world in their own image and they have religious zeal in doing so.  Some identify with religions, some with political philosophies and others are scientific materialists.  What these people have in common is that they hate alternative opinions that contradict their own and they will do what they can to shut other people down from expressing them.

"Allowers" represent the complete opposite of fanatics.  They include people with strong opinions and those with weak opinions about a particular matter, but who are united in their respect for the rights of other people to hold contrary opinions and to express them freely.

The fanatics are fear driven because they believe opposing views represent a real threat to their own views and unless they attack and destroy dissenting views their own beliefs may be in danger.

Allowers take a more trusting stance towards life.  They respect the right of individuals to form their own views and don't demand that others share their beliefs.  They believe that an open marketplace of ideas is the healthiest way for a society to move forward and feel no need to attack or destroy those views which they do not share.

Sharka Todd

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