Monday, October 6, 2014

Is scientific proof of God possible?

What might scientific proof of God look like?

The question is: what possibly could be construed as scientific evidence for a creator God?  I don't think anything conceivable would pass this test.  Everything could be denied as an act of trickery, a coincidence, a natural phenomenon, or even the work of more advanced, perhaps extraterrestrial, beings.  Therefore, science has absolutely nothing to say about the existence of such a God, pro or negative.  The existence of the universe is certainly only evidence for the existence of the universe and nothing more but what people infer from their experience of it is up to them.  Not everybody limits themselves to the dictates of establishment science.

It's important to realize there are many types of evidence, not just scientific evidence.  If there wasn't most criminals would never get convicted.  When many people mention evidence they are talking about scientific evidence but not everything is open to that.

And speaking of testing a being- only a physical being could be tested and such a being could never be said to be God- just a human, an animal or an extraterrestrial of some type.

I still haven't seen anyone put forward an idea how a non-physical God, of the type many people believe in, could make his presence known with certainty to those who are only open to the scientific method.  I find this very interesting.  Even if a being materialized with apparently magical powers that would be no evidence they were God, just a being with perhaps superior powers or technology to us.

This is why science has nothing to say about a non-physical God, it only talks about physical things, partial things, and not the whole, or anything non-physical that may have given birth to it.

And that's fair enough, nobody said science should have all the answers.  It's just a tool- powerful in some areas, weak in others.  It's just when people build their world view around scientific evidence alone that view becomes quite narrow and limiting.

Sharka Todd 

(The above writing is constructed from my responses to comments made on a YouTube video about science and the existence of God.)

Note: Phillip Krapf in his book The Contact has Begun talks about his meetings with a highly evolved group of extraterrestrials called the Verdant who claim to have found scientific proof of the existence of God and of the immortality of the soul. It must be remembered that their technology is millions of years in advance of ours, if we accept Krapf's account of their existence, which may explain their ability to delve deeper into the mysteries of life than we are able to, scientifically speaking, at the moment.

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