Monday, October 6, 2014

Spiritual belief is a personal matter

The belief that there is more to life than meets the eye, or to what is obvious to the 5 senses, is one that many people share.  It is also one that many people deny and argue vehemently against.  These naysayers claim there is no scientific proof of any reality other than the obviously physical and go on to say that it is some kind of moral crime to go beyond what science is capable of telling us.  I accept their viewpoint though I certainly don't agree with it.  I think the evidence or some kind of “spiritual” or physically subtle reality (i.e. beyond the ability of our instruments and physical senses to register) is strong- overwhelming, really.  But I accept that not everyone agrees with this and this is fair, everyone needs to make up their own mind on these matters.

It is impossible to convince another person of the reality of a spiritual dimension.  Only through personal experience or the belief in the testimonials of others does such a belief form.  Those who don’t believe haven’t had an experience to convince them and don't believe the testimonials of those who claim they have.  This is fair and as it should be.  Spiritual belief is a personal matter and must be arrived at on one’s own.  Of course, it is possible to share your belief with others, and those who have similar beliefs will be most open to hearing about it.  But when it comes to naysayers such matters are best not discussed because these people tend to become either angry or they just think you are talking nonsense!

Sharka Todd

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