Thursday, October 2, 2014

The teaching, not the teacher

Many people lay claim to the importance of a teaching by stating the teacher is a great man or woman, a god or even the one and only Son of God!  I say, what is important is the teaching not the teacher.  We are, after all, all sons and daughters of God.  For God, indeed, created all!  There is no being that is not a son of God under this belief system.  And for those who don't believe in God then we are Sons of Anarchy!  Meaning we popped out of the random flux of a universe that came from nowhere!  Which is, in many ways, even more amazing!

But back to the point I was making.  The teaching we resonate with and give kudos to, the one that changes our lives and we begin to live by is the one that matters.  Who gave the teaching is secondary.  The teaching itself tells us about the teacher and the beauty or ugliness of their mind and spirit.  Due to the effect of the passing of time and the revising, interpreting and re-writing of historical texts we cannot always be sure what we are reading is the words of the original teacher.  Therefore, it behooves us to read the teachings and draw our own conclusions on the value of each individual teaching given.  We are under no obligation to accept all teachings attributed to the one teacher.  Instead, we should pick and choose those teachings that resonate with us and our view of what is truly important in life.

Sharka Todd

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