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Distinguishing dark souls

The Devil's Advocate

by Matthew WardFeb. 18, 2006

The eyes are a direct reflection of the soul’s frequency
To distinguish between light-filled souls and dark, look into the eyes.  The eyes of a lighted soul shine with aliveness; dark souls’ eyes are dull-dead, devoid of warmth or light.  A person with a lighted soul can hold a steady gaze when talking with you; a person with an “ordinary” dark soul or who is heavily influenced by darkness keeps glancing around, unable to meet the light in your eyes.

Strategic touching
Dark entities know that the nape of the neck and lower back are especially vulnerable to their entry into a body’s energy system. Someone who grasps you in either or both places probably is NOT being playful or affectionate—the darkness in them is trying to infiltrate you.  This doesn't come from that person’s intellect or conscious awareness; it’s an automatic response to their influencing dark entity’s attempt to interrupt your energy flow so its streamer tentacles can enter.

Tone of voice, choice of words, topics of conversations 
Indications of dark entities working through a person are gossip; sarcastic, hurtful or boastful remarks; unjustified criticism or blame; monopolizing a conversation; in a large group, insensitivity to others’ conversations by speaking out loudly; obsession with talking about fearful subjects.  When you’re listening to someone and can’t tell whether the person is speaking from ego or soul, mentally ask your soul and pay attention to your immediate reaction—it is instinct, one way the soul communicates with the consciousness.  ALWAYS listen to your soul voice—it never lies.  Soul knows when lies come from other sources and alerts you via your instinct, intuitive thoughts and sensations—trust them.

Characteristics; change of behavior
Controlling or intentionally harming others, torturing animals, uncontrollable anger, greed, dishonesty, insistence that only their beliefs are right, and egotism are obvious reflections of dark souls and dark entities operating through unaware people. Infiltration by those entities is evident in people who formerly did not exhibit those traits or condone the actions and suddenly their behavior includes one or more; a slight tendency toward the traits or actions and/or cracks in the psyche “invite” this.

The aura, like eyes, is a dead giveaway
Ask your soul to let you see the person’s aura (energy emanating from the body) and look two inches above the head.  You may see only a fleeting glimpse of color, a form or geometric symbol; depending on what you see, you know whether light or dark energy is flowing from the body.  A cross or some other symbol you feel is sacred will identify a lighted soul; if you are light energy-sensitive, you may see gold, white, blue or rainbow prisms around the person.  The auras of dark souls are dark, corresponding in degree to their energy emanations, and any symbols you see will be the opposite of what you think of as good, or light—e.g., a small viper, a tail (may be lashing out), an inverted cross or a broken star. Look down, about two inches in front of the person’s feet, for the same kinds of symbols that are in the aura.

Radiated energy 
Energy-sensitive people can feel warmth radiating from lighted souls and cold from dark ones.  With the pretense of seeing something on the floor, feel the energy by the feet; dark energy at that point is icy cold.  Icy cold hands (unless holding an iced drink) or clammy hands is another indication of dark influence IF that’s in conjunction with the primary signs that darkness is present.

Other physical reactions
The negativity of dark energy streamers is very heavy and creates a heaviness in your sensations when you’re in the presence of dark souls or people under the influence of dark entities.  Also a lighted soul usually starts to feel repulsed, and some will begin to feel their skin itching.  Dark energy is parasitic; it drains your energy and uses it to refuel itself.  After such an encounter, your body may need lots of water, sea salt or even sugar to spontaneously regenerate itself.  You may feel a sudden stiffness as the chakras work to protect themselves against dark energy streamers or feel throbbing in your temple or third eye area.  Chakras always instinctively act and react to protect the root system and alert you to the dark energy through physical sensations.

Levels of darkness
Dark forces attack their equal in the strength of light-filled beings.  Lesser-strength entities will move away from bright light; they can’t bear to look into it or stay near its energy.  The more light in a person, the stronger the entity sent to invade it; “tests” for light beings become correspondingly harder because new, stronger entities come. Dark souls and people through whom the stronger entities work have NO power over souls who stay steadfast in the light and know its greater power; your “safety net” is WITHIN, not in any external source.  ALL levels of darkness can be defeated by knowledgeable action on your part.

Children and animals as guides
The innocence of young children and animals gives them heightened sensitivity to energy. Pay attention to the reactions and body language of children who seem suspicious or express fear for themselves or others and animals that keep a wary eye on their animal and/or human family—they try to avoid people whose energy is dark and feel a need to protect others from dark energy around them.

You must be aggressive against the dark forces.  Write out and memorize the following words, which were given by God; these exact words are essential because the vibration they carry is your protection.  After you have memorized this command and practiced enough so that the exact words easily come to mind, the command will come immediately and automatically as a sensation and verbalizing no longer is necessary. Practice quieting your mind, then saying aloud or mentally:  “In the name of Jesus The Christ, I now command that if you are not of the highest, most evolved form of Jesus The Christ Consciousness, that you are to here and now disappear immediately and NEVER return.” Dark souls CANNOT disobey this command due to its vibrations.

The darkest souls
The darkest souls are the most cunning, most determined; they seek a lighted person on one-to-one basis and engage in direct and steady eye contact, like a cobra, to mesmerize the person.  To break the effects of their powerful gaze, think the word LIGHT with forcefulness.  This command is essential in that situation; the dark soul can’t disobey its vibration, which is the light intensity equivalent of that soul’s darkness.  This command isn't a substitute for the other one that’s required for protection in other situations.

Matthew Ward

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