Sunday, May 24, 2015

Science: a brand used to peddle belief?

The question in any field of knowledge is: who is controlling the narrative?  That is where true power lies.
Oftentimes, science is just another way of peddling belief.  Science is a good brand now that religion has lost its command over the population.  Although the scientific method may be a sound concept, it doesn’t stop powerful interests from shaping the direction science takes, the questions it asks, and the wide dissemination of the answers it provides which suits their interests.  Findings which oppose their interests are buried and, better still, the study of scientific questions which could provide a different narrative are made taboo for scientists to ask.  Instead, areas which serve a particular world view and worldly interests are pursued, and their funding continued.

There is no level playing field in any area where powerful vested interests serve to gain or lose on a significant scale.  Science, which is generally very expensive to conduct and whose findings, when widely publicized, can powerfully impact on cultural beliefs, is shepherded into those areas that serve the interests of the power elite.  In this regard it is little different to the role religion played in previous eras.  That role is to maintain the position of the elites and to keep everyone else in servitude!

Sharka Todd

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