Friday, May 29, 2015

Please do not condescend!

Some people believe we should adopt a mocking, condescending tone towards others who hold differing opinions to our own because of our supposed "superiority" to them.  However, I say this very behavior precludes the possibility of that superiority existing!

In truth, everyone has the right to hold an opinion, even if it seems ill-informed to us.  And if the person really IS ignorant it is unlikely that we can change that by treating them as a fool.  Instead, we just show our foolishness by acting as some kind of judge and jury of rightness!

It would be a more efficient use of our time to engage with those who are open to our viewpoint rather than attacking those with strongly opposing views.  And in this engagement we should treat our conversational partners respectfully as equals rather than as ignorant fools!  In this way we are likely to make more ground and have a more pleasant interaction that we don't later regret when we become a more empathic and conscious human!

(This was written in response to a video by a "skeptic" criticizing an alternative healer in a way that is so condescending, and in such poor taste, that I refuse to credit it!)

Sharka Todd

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