Friday, May 8, 2015

Truth is prior to thought

Thoughts are the story we tell ourselves about a thing and not the thing itself.  The closest we can get to understanding or connecting with a thing is through observing it without thought.  As soon as we begin to think we place a screen between ourselves and the thing we are observing and are no longer in touch with the thing, itself.

This message has been shared by sages throughout the ages with a recent example being Krishnamurti, the idiosyncratic Indian mystic.

Zen Buddhism also focuses on the importance of thoughtless perception which is why they are hesitant to label things and promote a doctrine.  Instead, Zen teachers encourage students to hone their own perceptive ability through meditation and to come to their own conclusions about life.

Sharka Todd

See also: Using subtle feelings to navigate through life by Stuart Wilde.

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