Thursday, May 14, 2015

"Anarchists" and violence

Pic: Christopher Hurren

Why would anarchists, who want no laws, do something that would result in the tightening of laws? That is not anarchy, that is terrorism, and plays right into the hands of the police state. True anarchists cheerfully disregard the law (where possible), while leaving other people and their property alone. This results, in time, in the relaxing of laws. After all, laws only exist because of the fear people have that someone will come and interfere with their lives and well-being in some way.

As we each learn to respect one another and each other's possessions we will find that the creating and policing of laws will begin to decline, leaving us all free to live in peace!

Written in response to the following article: 
"Anarchists claim responsibility for embassy bombs"

Sharka Todd

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