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Moving beyond seeing the body as a machine

Ex Machina (film)

From an article by Saint Germain through Kim Michaels

Understanding true healing
(...) Likewise, you see [the consciousness of mechanization] in the field of health, where people have been seduced by modern medicine and materialistic science into believing that their bodies are a kind of biological robot, a kind of mechanical device. And if some kind of disease manifests, it is because something has gone wrong with the body machine. So we need to have the mechanics in the garage – called a hospital – go in with their mechanical devices or their chemicals and fix what has gone wrong with the machine, so it can again run properly.

This, of course, is a total denial of the true art of healing, which is not a mechanical process; it is a creative process. And it starts by the realization that you are more than the physical body, because you are a spiritual being. But it also starts with the realization, that the body is not a mechanical device through which your spiritual being is expressing itself. No, the human body is not a device. It is an expression, a projection, of the state of consciousness of the spiritual being that inhabits the body.

Your physical body is like the movie on a screen in a theater—that is a projection of what is on the film strip in the projection room. And the projection room, of course, is the four levels of your mind, as we have explained many times. And therefore, the lowest of the minds being the physical mind, your physical body is a projection of what is occurring on the four levels of your consciousness – what we have also called your four lower bodies – that simply converge to create the physical body as a projection upon the Ma-ter light.

As science has now proven over and over again, there is a limit to what can be achieved through mechanical approaches to healing. When you introduce a chemical into the body, that chemical might remove a specific symptom, but it will have side effects that might be as severe or more severe than the disease that is being attempted to be cured. Likewise, it is, of course, a very primitive procedure to cut open the body with a knife and seek to remove some part from the body that you think has gone wrong. And thus, it needs to be realized – as many people in the spiritual field have already started to realize – that healing needs to be approached in a new way. Which so far has often been called a holistic way, where you realize that the only way to truly heal the body is to also work on the mind, including all levels of the mind.

If the people who are in the healing field would heed the teachings I have given in this discourse – about the mechanization consciousness – and would seek to truly understand what I am saying here, and would then seek to apply it according to their expertise in whatever field of healing they have experience, then you could see a tremendous acceleration of the alternative or holistic healing field. Where suddenly, when the healers themselves are willing to remove the beam from their own eyes – are willing to remove the mechanization consciousness from their own minds – then, they will be inspired by their higher beings to bring forth new healing methods that work at an entirely higher level.

The problem with alternative healing
Let me tell you, what is the single most important problem with the field of alternative or holistic healing today. That problem is, that most of the people who are healers in that field – and most of the people who come to the healers – are still trapped in the mechanization consciousness. They are looking for the easy way out – the guaranteed path to salvation, the mechanical path to salvation, the magical formula – that will allow people to either take some natural remedy or do some kind of exercise, be it physical or mental, and suddenly, puff, the disease is gone.

In order to have true healing, you need to rise above the mechanization consciousness. And that can only be done, when you are willing to follow the true spiritual path, the inner path to Christhood. For only then can you rise above that mechanization consciousness—and avoid being seduced by the oh-so-subtle illusions created to reinforce that mechanization consciousness, and make people believe that this material world functions according to mechanical laws.

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NOTE: The Seth books by Jane Roberts also explore this topic in detail, particularly: The Way To Health, The Magical Approach, and The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events, among others.

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