Monday, August 11, 2014

Beware the false teachers

by Jesus through Kim Michaels

There are true teachers and there are false teachers. The true teachers will seek to help you establish a clear contact with your Christ self, so that you can get answers from within. The false teachers will always seek to insert themselves between you and your Christ self. They will use many different lies to do this, and you need to learn how to recognize them.

Some of the more obvious lies are found in the major religions of the world, including the Catholic Church. They claim that you cannot know truth on your own, but that truth can be known only through the scriptures and the doctrines of the Church. This is an obvious ploy that all mature spiritual seekers have seen through lifetimes ago, and that is indeed why they are on the spiritual path instead of sitting in their Catholic churches passively receiving from the pulpit. Yet there are many ploys that are far more subtle, and they come in many enticing disguises.

If you will spend some time meditating on this and seeking direction from your Christ self by using the tools I give on this website, including the rosaries of Mother Mary and Archangel Michael, you can quickly learn to recognize the lies. The tempter always comes to take you away from your inner sense of oneness. You can see an example of this by studying how I was tempted after my stay in the wilderness. This situation was really a symbol of what happens when you walk the spiritual path.

Sometimes, in order to make progress on the path, you need to withdraw yourself from the world, not necessarily in a physical manner, but you withdraw from the consciousness of this world, the activities of this world and the beliefs of this world. You come apart from the consciousness of duality, so that you can be undisturbed and go within to establish a connection with your Christ self.

Yet when you have established that connection, you come back into the world, and you must anticipate that the consciousness of this world, the prince of this world, will be right there to tempt you away from the oneness you attained while you were apart. Therefore, the prince of this world will come to see if he has something in you, whereby he can tempt you into a dualistic reaction that takes you away from oneness.

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