Sunday, August 10, 2014

Conflict only feeds the ego

Conflicts and debates fuel the lower part of our nature and are best avoided if we wish to operate from a spiritual perspective.  Debates and arguments draw us away from our open, accepting stance and place us in a restricted, competitive, forceful mind-space which is at odds with a spiritual viewpoint.  Attachment to showing or proving intellectual superiority is a path to the dark side, as Yoda might say.  Any weakness we have can draw us away from a broader, spiritual view, towards a smaller, more parochial perspective.  

To guard against this happening, we must be on the alert for any feelings of dis-ease or restriction within our bodies which signal that we have entered into the "enemies turf"- that is, the realm of the ego.  That is the time to back down and ease away from the subject of our conflict and to focus on something more peaceful and productive!

Sharka Todd

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