Saturday, August 16, 2014

Earthly authorities as God's representatives

We are taught obedience to authority figures early in life- in schools, at home and through the media. The obedient child is said to be the good child and the child society and God will reward. By obeying earthly authorities we will get good grades, have a good life and go to heaven.

Authorities are sold to us as God's representatives on Earth. That is the message that is promoted early in life. They are not to be questioned or doubted as they are so much more knowledgeable than we are.  Instead, we are supposed to see ourselves as subservient to them.

It's hard for many people to see beyond this conditioning and to begin to view authorities as human and therefore, fallible, and whose will is not the will of God

This is a form of maturity that not everyone is capable of. Instead, many still cling to childish notions of unassailable authority, which they must obey or expect punishment in this life or the next.

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Sharka Todd

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