Monday, August 11, 2014

Avoiding arguments- how to deal with the tempter

by Jesus through Kim Michaels

(1) Why does God allow you to be tempted?

You may think that God should have taken the Serpent away from this world so that you were not tempted. However, that would be a violation of the Law of Free Will. God gave you free will, and you have the right to choose what you will believe and what you will allow to exist in your world. Human beings chose to believe in the serpentine lies, and therefore it is human beings who allow the Serpent and his representatives to remain on Earth.

God can remove the serpents at any time, because truly Archangel Michael has the power to consume the Serpent with the fire that consumes all unlike itself. Yet until a critical mass of people separate themselves from the consciousness of the Serpent, the law does not allow the Serpent to be removed.

In order to make progress on the spiritual path, you have to see through and replace the decisions that caused you to move away from oneness. Therefore, the law allows the Serpent to tempt you. When you take a step closer to oneness, it is allowed that the forces of this world tempt you with the decisions that caused you to move away from oneness. You must be confronted with those decisions, so that you have the opportunity to consciously put them behind you. Thereby, you permanently remove them from your being, so that they cannot pull you down any more.

In order to rise to Christhood, you must separate yourself from the consciousness of the Serpent. One might say that a wrong decision is like a stick of iron in your energy field, and the magnetic pull of the consciousness of this world is constantly pulling on that iron, thereby pulling on your mind and emotions. So only by throwing out that stick of iron will you be free from the magnetic pull.

My point here is that as you walk the path to Christhood, you will make things easier for yourself if you will make the effort to learn how to recognize the tempter. Truly, that tempter will come to you every time you take a step forward on the path and this is the way it will be as long as you are here on Earth. There will not come a time when you are no longer tempted. As long as you are in a physical body, you will be tempted, yet the higher you move on the path of personal Christhood, the easier it will be for you to see through the temptations and therefore walk right through them as if they never even existed. That is when the prince of this world comes to you, but he has nothing in you.

(2) How to deal with the tempter

How do you deal with the temptation? You deal with it the same way I did when I was tempted by the devil. You rebuke the tempter and his temptation, you rebuke the false idea by affirming the truth. Take note that I rebuked the devil, I did not argue with him or reason with him. I simply stated the truth that refuted the devil’s temptation. I did not attempt to convince him that he was wrong because had I done so, I would have become involved in a dualistic argument that would have tied me to the consciousness of the devil.

You see, when the tempter presents you with a particular idea, it is not his primary purpose to make you accept that idea. His overall purpose is to tempt you into arguing about the idea, so that you are pulled into the dualistic state of consciousness. You are thereby tempted to engage in a dualistic argument, and the tempter does not care who is right or who ends up being convinced.

The tempter’s only goal is to keep you trapped in the consciousness of duality, and even if you think you have won the argument, you can still be trapped in that consciousness. Therefore, you might think you have won the battle, but you have lost the war. The tempter has won because he has managed to keep you trapped in the dualistic state of consciousness.

Yet take note that I was not silent in the face of the devil’s temptations. I rebuked the devil but I did so in a way that was non-attached. I stated the truth without arguing or reasoning. Also, take note that I cast the money changers out of the Temple, when they had entered the house of God and were parading their wares of false beliefs, false doctrines and dualistic ideas. Take note that I challenged the scribes and the Pharisees and anyone else who promoted dualistic ideas. This is the essence of the path to Christhood, namely that you do not remain passive in the face of evil.

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