Saturday, August 9, 2014

Christianity and the fear of meditation

Image by Sharka Todd

There are those who belong to a certain branch of Christianity who teach that meditation is an evil practice.  They claim this is so because it is used by people who belong to different belief systems than themselves, which makes these belief systems evil, in their eyes.  They fear that if a Christian practices meditation they may become swept up in the beliefs of this alternative system and "convert" or that, alternatively, that by quieting ones mind, the person may come into contact with "evil spirits".

Considering their prophet, Jesus, once said "the kingdom of heaven is within" you would think they would be keen to embrace meditation.  After all, meditation is clearly the best way to shut out the external world and quieten the mental chatter to enable us to experience our inner world where the heaven Jesus purported to can be found. But no, instead they are afraid of this very thing! Rather than look within, they compulsively turn their attention outside themselves, preferably on their "holy book" for fear that something may enter their mind that is not in accordance with church teachings!

This adds an extra difficulty for the fundamentalist Christians who truly desires to experience spiritual growth. They are in fear of themselves and instead become easy prey for the lords who rule the churches and feed their followers with beliefs that suit the continued control and growth of the church!  If a person is not willing to look within, and meditation is perhaps the best tool for this, then it will be nearly impossible to achieve any degree of spiritual independence, which is required as well move along the spiritual path towards self-mastery!

Sharka Todd

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