Friday, August 15, 2014

People channel both light and dark

In the picture above we have Julie Bishop, an Australian conservative politician who currently serves as Australia's Foreign Minister.  As we can see from the photos she has the ability to project both light and darkness.  When she channels darkness (LHS) we can see her facial features rearrange and lose their pleasing, balanced appearance that appears when she is in a "light" frame of mind (RHS).

Ms Bishop is famous for her "death stare" with which projects evil intent at the recipient.  When she is in this state she is clearly channeling a low, dark energy that she has allowed into her aura.  It is this that she needs to abandon if she is to become a full-time resident of the realms of light.

One only hopes that over time Ms. Bishop will "slay" her demons and commit herself to working with the lighter side of her nature, rendering her impervious to the attempts of fallen beings to control her through her "dark" side!

Sharka Todd

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