Saturday, August 30, 2014

God, mankind and free will

If humans have free will then the problems we face on earth are man’s doing, not those of a creator god. Conditions on earth are, in general, highly favorable for leading a healthy and productive life.  We have all the requirements needed to keep the body healthy and the mind and spirit active and engaged.  What man chooses to do with these conditions is up to him.  He can live peaceably and productively, multiplying the bounty of the earth, or he can wage war on his neighbor, reducing life for everyone.

To blame a creator god for starvation, wars and even disease is to ignore the role man’s use of free will has in these matters.  Man’s conception of himself is all important here.  How he sees himself will determine how he expresses himself and what he strives towards.  And although there are streams of thought that exist that, if believed, would lead man to view himself as unworthy and inferior there are also schools of thought that stress the value and nobility of the human life.  In our own case we are free to believe as we wish and we are responsible for how this plays out in our own life.

Sharka Todd

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