Monday, August 11, 2014

The mind of anti-christ

by Jesus through Kim Michaels

The mind of anti-christ is the mind of duality. This mind sets up two dualistic opposites, two relative extremes, such as the polarities of good and evil. When you are trapped by this dualistic mind, you think in terms of black and white. Yet this is nothing but a smokescreen, set up by the prince of this world to fool those who have not yet attained a glimpse of the Christ mind. For example, many Christians are so concerned about anti-christ that they have been fooled into thinking that it always appears as the devil himself. Therefore, they think that an idea which is anti-christ is easy to recognize because it is dark or contradicts the Bible (especially their interpretation of the Bible). Yet in reality the entire range of dualistic consciousness is the consciousness of anti-christ.

Take note of what I am saying. Surely, many of the dark, egotistical or manipulative ideas are expressions of the mind of anti-christ. Yet what most people, especially many religious people, will not acknowledge is that even most of the ideas and practices that human beings call “good” are also expressions of the mind of anti-christ. This is a truth that will make many people uncomfortable, yet it is a truth that must be acknowledged by all those who are willing to step on to the path of personal Christhood.

What is the essence of the path to Christhood? It is that you increase your ability to discern between that which is of God and that which is not of God, between that which is of the mind of Christ and that which springs from the mind of anti-christ. The mind of anti-christ is the mind that keeps you separated from God and prevents you from knowing, “I and my Father, meaning my I AM Presence, are one.”

The mind of anti-christ is the mind of duality, and as long as you are trapped in that mind, you can go around in circles for an indefinite period of time. It is quite possible that a person doing this can believe that he or she is on the path to salvation. Such a person will often set up an outer standard and say that as long as you believe in all the right doctrines, do all the right things and don’t do any of the wrong things, your salvation is guaranteed. This is the sense of righteousness shared by the scribes and Pharisees of old, and you might remember that I denounced their righteousness and clearly stated that unless you go to a higher level of righteousness, namely the righteousness of the Christ consciousness, you cannot enter Heaven.

Part of an article: Anticipate the Tempter by Kim Michaels.

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