Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Efforts to destroy the spiritual perspective

There is a concerted effort by some to destroy the spiritual perspective. I think this is, in many cases, due to an anger at life generally, and God specifically, by these people. And if not God then those who seem to be optimists and enjoying life and those with spiritual beliefs may be seen as falling into this category. So the attempt to destroy the spiritual is an attempt to destroy the happiness of these people. It's a way of striking out at a world they feel has abandoned them and they are looking for revenge.  This may not be the case for all anti-spiritualists but it does seem that many of them find glee in attempting to destroy the life affirming beliefs of others.  There is a kind of killjoy element at play here. They claim to bringing the light of truth to matters at hand but by observing their emotional response to alternative views we can see whether they really wish to be a constructive influence or whether they desire is just to destroy ideas that anger them.

Sharka Todd

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