Monday, October 6, 2014

Skeptics help promote woo

All publicity is good publicity

There is a battle going on in cyberspace between "believers" and "skeptics" over who has the inside running on truth.  Both sides are convinced they are right and can get quite indignant if someone disagrees with them and questions the validity of their arguments.

Quite a number of believers (not to be confused with Beliebers) are upset because they feel they are being attacked and misrepresented by the skeptics.  So what?  All publicity is good publicity.  If anyone is talking about you and your ideas, even if they are trash talking, this helps generate traffic.  And if you are selling something this can only help generate sales.  Richard Dawkins actually gives lectures on this very topic!

So to the believers I say: welcome the skeptics- at least they care enough to pay attention to what you are saying and by commenting on it they are helping to promote it!  After all, who communicates publicly, but wants their views ignored?

Sharka Todd

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