Monday, October 6, 2014

What is evidence of God?

I have often said that either the whole universe is evidence of God's existence or nothing is.

For many of us it takes a personal experience where we perceive an "invisible hand" operating in our lives for us to accept that there is some invisible force or presence guiding what happens in this world.  That doesn't mean this invisible force is in charge of what happens on earth, far from it.  Humans are in charge and it is clear to anyone that we have the free will to make choices in our own life free of the compulsion of some invisible "outside" agency.

How we choose to understand the invisible entities or forces that help shape our lives is up to us.  There is no obligation to attribute a conventional religious meaning to these things.  It is our life and it is up to us to understand it as we see fit including our view of what invisible presences or forces may or may not be influencing it.

Only by close observation of everything we encounter can we come to conclusions about the nature of life and our place in it.  Whether we choose to accept that unseen forces can play a role in our lives or not is up to us.

Sharka Todd

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