Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Should humans think like machines?

To a machine everything is just 0's and 1's.
There is no quality, only quantity.
And to a machine something that can't be measured in 0's and 1's just doesn't exist!

So you and your feelings, thoughts, doubts, hopes and fears are invisible to a machine. The only things that can be registered are those things which can be quantified and converted into binary code.  Everything else is effectively nonexistent!

Interestingly, there are many people who wish to think like a machine so they don't have to deal with the subjective nature of life!  They seek a false sense of certainly to deal with the insecurity of being alive and they think that imitating a machine will give them that.  But it's just a delusion, of course!  Everything is in the mind of the perceiver. That doesn't mean we can't agree on anything.  It just means everyone has a personal and intimate experience of the world which cannot truly be shared by another.  Much of human culture is a search for agreement but also a search for the new.  For we are always seeking to expand our knowledge and experience base as this is what makes life flow through us and makes us feel alive and growing!

Sharka Todd

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