Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Dealing with human reptiles- STUART WILDE

by Stuart Wilde

When dealing with the reptile human the trick is to throw them a chicken and keeping throwing chickens for as long as it takes. Tell them they are marvelous and right, and decent and fair, and tell them what a great contribution and energy they provide for others. Tell them they are a savior. Make them into mini-gods. That is what they want to hear. You’ll find they will rob your energy very quickly. But suffer it for a bit and keep throwing chickens, just keep telling them they are right and marvelous, it doesn’t cost you anything. Throw chickens, when they are full, flee.

Your only real defense is to keep your distance. Try not to be involved romantically, socially or in business. They will pretend to be decent but they will always eat you—remember that. The predators don’t ever change. It’s their evolution. There aren’t any crocodiles without teeth. If you are not lunch today, you’ll be dinner tomorrow; humans are just items on the reptile’s list.

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