Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Protect your sacred energy

Seek out situations and people that honor you and avoid those who don't!

We are energy beings- not the crude matter you see in front of you, but the energy that lies behind it and gives it life. The physical matter of our spiritual overcoat-the physical body- is just an appearance.  Underneath it we are coursing energy.

It is this energy flow we must take care of,  and it is disruptions to this energy flow that effects both how we feel and our physical health.  Thankfully, our outer shell, our containment zone- the physical body- is very robust.  But even it can only handle a certain amount of disruption and disharmony to the energy body within it before it will also begin to malfunction.

Our energy body is closely allied with our emotions.  This is why we must take care to attend to how we feel so that any uncomfortable states are recognized and acted upon before things get out of hand.  We have great resiliency and ability to bounce back from shocks to the energy body.  But this ability is not unlimited.  If our emotions go out of harmony for too long we will find ourselves susceptible to disease and accidents.  It behooves us to do what we can to keep our emotions in balance, where possible.

In our daily lives we come into contact with all kinds of people.  Some people are harmless, some are of benefit to our well-being and others will have a deleterious effect on our emotions and health.  It's important for us to be aware of this.  If we find interactions with certain people leave us feeling uncomfortable we are best keeping these interactions to a minimum, and avoiding them altogether, where possible.

We must look after our emotional state if we are to remain happy, healthy and productive.  We must be aware when we are exposing ourselves to stimuli we find discomforting.  This could refer to our TV viewing or what we read on the internet, in books and in newspapers.  We can handle a certain amount of discomfort each day but we don't wish to overdo it.  One sign we are overdoing it is an inability to relax during the day and to sleep well during the night.  Without adequate rest physical breakdown is inevitable.  Therefore, remove those elements of your life which cause excess discomfort and enjoy the peace that brings contentment and robust health!

Sharka Todd

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