Monday, September 29, 2014

Cold reading and psychic powers

I have visited with a number of psychics and have never experienced "cold reading".  A good psychic doesn't need to ask you any questions except to ask what questions would you like answered.  When I receive a reading I say very little and just listen.  They are the ones who are being fed information and it is up to me to listen to it!  If they seem to be fishing for information as cold readers do then you know they are poor at their profession and are unworthy of one's time and money.  Some may say that the psychic is reading the client's body language- and this is something that can't be stopped- but only a very limited amount and type of information can be gained from body language alone.

An intelligent client knows when the information being presented is going beyond what can be ascertained from body language and "cold reading" alone.  This is what gives one faith in the process. Those that haven't had this experience are in no position to judge.  For them to say psychic powers don't exist would be like someone who has never experienced love saying love doesn't exist!  It would be sheer foolishness!

Sharka Todd

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