Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Discovering truth for oneself

There is a phenomenal world out there to explore and understand, no doubt!  We would not be in such an environment if we were not meant to explore it!  (Here I am assuming meaning to our life).  Without assuming meaning, we could just say “why not explore it and see what works for me, what brings me pleasure and happiness?”

How we choose to interpret the world is up to us.  It boils down to what works for us as an individual, not what works for other people- what brings us happiness, what helps us achieve our goals. Beliefs that are seen as false or unproductive won't work for us and will be rejected.  Only those beliefs that agree with our experience and help propel us forward will be retained!

“Truth” is such a lofty word and is so often used to beat other people over the head with.  “Truth” is often defined by those with power and imposed upon those without.  However, even the most authoritarian ruler can't control what goes on in one of his subject’s minds!  This is one area where even the apparent slave is free.  And if we are a blind follower of someone else’s truth then we really are a slave of the worst kind- a mental slave!

Sharka Todd

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