Friday, September 12, 2014

We choose heaven or hell (not God)

Photo by Sharka Todd

The choice between living in heaven or hell is not made by an external entity but rather by ourselves.  It is we who choose whether to live in light or in darkness.  Light is always present but we can choose to close ourselves off from it.  There is no punishment but that metered out by ourselves.  There is also no reward but that created by ourselves.  We really do receive what we think we deserve.

For those living their lives in an attempt to please a fictitious external entity (an external God) to "earn" their place in heaven this could come as either a relief or an annoyance.  There really is no one to please but ourselves!  The kingdom of heaven really is inside, meaning there is no God or heaven external to oneself.  Heaven is created by ourselves and therefore we hold the key as to whether that is where we shall reside or not.  The choice really is ours!

Sharka Todd

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