Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Did God "explode" into pieces (of consciousness)?

Image: Stephen-Van-Vuuren

If I was God I would split myself into trillions of pieces, each an individual soul, to explore and create worlds upon worlds!  These trillions of pieces would be self-aware entities, free to create, explore and encounter each other to their hearts content!  This is exactly what some say is already the case in the universe we know.  That is, the original being that created the universe, created it out of its own being, imbuing it with its own life, its own consciousness.  And so each life form contains within it the consciousness of the creator.  Literally, the universe we see and the worlds we cannot see are simply the creator exploring itself through myriad evolving life forms which provide an almost infinite number of perspectives on this almighty creation!.

Why stay as one being when you can split yourself into trillions of beings and experience so much more?

Sharka Todd

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