Sunday, September 28, 2014

Where does truth come from?

Truth doesn’t come through experiment, necessarily, but by awakening one’s spiritual senses.  For objective truth is a banal thing compared with spiritual truth.  For spiritual truth is the truth of the heart and the truth of our existence!  As the teacher rightly said: "the kingdom of heaven lies within"!  And the secret to unlock the door to the kingdom of heaven is to unfold the spiritual facilities that lie dormant within each of us.  And the way to do this is to open the heart, which is the key to the soul, not the intellect!  Open the heart and all will appear with increasing beauty which will eventually reveal the spiritual underpinnings of this physical world!

When our heart is open it provides the expanded, spiritualized perception that allows the intellect to be used in a way that provides real wisdom and can lead us on to greater glories and creations.  But without an open heart the intellect is a dead-end and can only lead to increasing depression and destruction!

Sharka Todd

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