Sunday, September 28, 2014

Is God an equation?

Some people seek for meaning in life in an equation.  These people are called mathematicians and physicists.  Others seek for meaning in experiences.

The idea that a mathematical equation could somehow give meaning to life seems odd to me, yet many scientists continue to believe that maths is the only proper way to understand life.

For those of us who place experience above maths we are seen as believers in "woo".  Saying "God is love" is woo, whereas saying "E=MC2" is true wisdom, something that can be objectively verified, and therefore is real.

Perception is seen as unreliable by skeptics and everything that relies on one's perception, that others may not necessarily share, is seen as meaningless by them in understanding truth.  This is how far we have fallen into the cesspit of so-call objectivity!  People have lost faith in their own experience and have handed the baton for determining truth over to science.  However, science can only describe such a small fraction of the human experience that to depend entirely on it to describe truth is to make our human understanding so much poorer as a result!

Sharka Todd

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