Monday, September 22, 2014

Materialism is darkness, spiritualism is light

Woe be to those who spread the doctrine of materiality- that matter is all there is.  They are spreading darkness whether they realise it or not.  They are helping to convince people that there is no spiritual reality and that all one can hope for is to grab what one can while on Earth.

Those who promote spiritualism- the idea that everything, including the material has a spiritual base- are spreading truth and light.

There is a spiritual world beyond this one, but connected to it, where we each will go when this short life ends.  Where we are will be placed within it will depend upon how we live our lives and what kind of values we are motivated by.  Selfishness will lead us to darker realms, whereas kindness and care for others will lead us to the lighter realms.  Skeptics may ask: where is the proof of these worlds?  Truly, there is no proof to satisfy the materialist skeptics of this Earth.  Their eyes are closed to spiritual things.  But for those who eyes are open, they are surrounded by a spiritual world, for the physical world too is spiritual in nature.

For those who wish to learn about the characteristics of the worlds we will enter upon our death may I recommend the many books that are compiled from spirit messagers.  I am currently reading one myself called "Astral City" (aka "Nosso Lar") by Francisco Cândido Xavier.  There are may others including the works by Anthony Borgia and Robert James Lees.  There is a list on this webpage with links to mostly free editions to read.   These books contain detailed information about individual spirits experiences after their death in this other world.

Books and websites on people's near death experiences are also interesting but we generally find in these cases that their experience of the spirit realm is limited and that they do not penetrate too deeply into this world before they return to their physical bodies.

Sharka Todd

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