Friday, September 26, 2014

Teaching that death is the end

Abyss (film) 

Many parents teach their children that death is the end of life, there is nothing that comes after it.  They think the historically popular belief in an afterlife is just a fairy tale created to make people feel better or to suit the agenda of a religious elite.  They believe that to be realistic is to admit there is no such thing as “heaven” and that there is ultimately no hope for the human being’s survival.

The parents that teach these things are those who limit their awareness to the announcements of mainstream science which for them is the fount of all truth about life.  What they are missing is the strong anecdotal evidence of a myriad of sources that suggests that there in more to life that meets the eye and that the human being is more that a bag of bones and flesh and that, indeed, we have a spiritual base that lives on when the physical body dies.  This evidence is widespread but given little credence by many, particularly those engrossed in materialistic view of the world.

The lack of interest by many to explore this evidence results in them holding views which are ill-informed and ultimately a life-negative parroting of the gospel of the materialists whose views are reductionist and poor explainers of human experience.

Sharka Todd

Here is a webpage with a list of books (including many free eBooks) that detail the afterlife, mostly from the viewpoint of spirit messengers, with some out-of-body experiencers thrown in.

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